Commitments and quality commitments of the company

  • Unless otherwise agreed, the goods are 100% new, manufactured in
  • Tuan Dat Co., Ltd. TuanDat Co., Ltd guarantees product life-cycle according to SUS 304 standard, SUS 304 quality according to manufacturer's standard and 10-year warranty for products from the date of delivery to customers. Goods, based on the minutes of delivery and receipt of goods.
  • For 201, the company ensures quality as promised to the relevant authorities.
  • The Company's products will not be warranted if the storage and / or loading / unloading, transportation and / or processing, installation, use and / or maintenance of the product is deemed to be non-compliant. and / or in one of the following cases:

                Destroyed or / and allegedly intentional sabotage.

                Incorrect application of cleaning, sanitation, maintenance and maintenance procedures.

                Use of improper cleaning instructions or / and wrong specifications, dosage, concentration.

                Misuse of the product. There is no basis to determine the origin of goods produced by the company / distributor.